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Last week the delightfully sadistic geniuses behind Cards Against Humanity rolled out a new expansion pack that will bring out the worst in all of us and help some deserving women fund a degree in the sciences.

CAH’s latest edition is the “Science Pack,” which was co-written by Phil Plait, who runs Slate’s Bad Astronomy, and Zach Weinersmith, the brains behind the webcomic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC). For $10, you get 7 black cards and 23 white cards (all science-themed), and all profits are donated to the Cards Against Humanity & SMBC Science Ambassador Scholarship, a full-ride offered to women pursuing undergraduate degrees in science, tech, engineering, or math (STEM) fields. As of this post, the pack has raised more than $289,370!


As fans of both Cards Against Humanity and women in STEM, we already bought the Science Pack and look forward to playing it. But then we thought: Why stop there? So we came up with five more expansion pack suggestions (and five corresponding organizations to benefit).

We highly encourage playing across expansion packs—you know, for when "reuse of treated sewage for agriculture (a.k.a. poop water)" simply works better with a sports-related prompt.


1. California Drought Expansion Pack

Proceeds go toward broke-ass California


2. Sex Ed Expansion Pack

Proceeds go toward Planned Parenthood.


3. Marijuana Legalization Expansion Pack

Proceeds go toward NORML.


4. Sports Expansion Pack

Proceeds go toward Champion Women.


5. LOL Animals Expansion Pack

Proceeds go to PETA or whatever. 


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