5 other rappers who performed at the White House before the cast of ‘Hamilton’

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Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the Broadway show's cast stopped by the White House yesterday, performing a few songs for the First Lady and a bunch of lucky kids from local high schools.


The performance sounded like a good time, but that wasn't all Miranda stopped by the White House to do—he also got in on some impressive off-the-top freestyle action with the POTUS:

It got us thinking about other rappers who have found their way to the White House.


Eazy-E, a member of the L.A.-based rap group NWA, wasn't exactly invited to the White House—instead, he accidentally received an invitation to a Republican fundraising event called the National Republican Senatorial Committee Inner Circle, and paid over $1,000 to attend. Most of the "mostly white, middle-aged Republicans" didn't really know what to make of the rapper.



Michelle Obama invited the rapper to perform some poetry, despite protestations from philosophical titan Sarah Palin and other conservative luminaries.


His performance was part of the First Lady's White House Music Series.



Ludacris showed up to the White House to perform at the Congressional Black Caucus, a fundraiser that celebrated "all things Alabamian." He seemed to enjoy himself:


Jay Z


Jay Z once said he texts with Obama. Obama says he doesn't text, so who knows, but it's clear the two have some kind of relationship. He's made his way to the White House before, most recently with his wife, Beyonce, for Michelle Obama's 50th birthday party.

Kendrick Lamar


Lamar visited Obama early this year, where he was reportedly nervous, until Obama told the rapper, "Can you believe we're both sitting in this Oval Office?"

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.