Getty Images for DCP

As we explained earlier today, the Billboard Music Awards chart pure chart, digital, and social performance of artists the year before. The awards show, however, bridges the gap between the omnipresent faces of the previous year and what’s new and hot now.

So while they didn’t get an awards nomination—this year—soon-to-dominate Australian act 5 Seconds of Summer showed they were clearly winners before the whole thing even got started. They showed up to the shebang to perform their hit single “She Looks So Perfect,” which enjoyed almost instant liftoff the second it hit YouTube. But they were pretty much winning by the time they showed up.

Here are five pieces of photographic proof:

1) They know how to rock layers. The Billboard Music Awards are in Vegas, but do these guys care? They’re from Australia. Do you know how tough Australians are by nature? They’re not gonna let a little U.S. desert heat deter them from the most perfect variety of bad-boy vests and jackets.


2) Calum clearly knows how to handle the perfect coiffure. I mean, sure, he probably didn’t handle the blowdryer himself, but look at this—this is a man who cares about his locks.

3) How could we talk about hair without mentioning Michael? Here is a guy who also really cares about his hair while clearly giving zero you-know-whats about what any potential haters think of it. Rock on with that gravity-defying creation, Michael.


4) Stress on their first super-huge U.S. red carpet? Nah, not the boys of 5SOS. Look, Ashton is hangin’ loose in this pic and wants you to know it.


5) They care about their fans. Acts like 5 Seconds of Summer start off with a close and important connection with their following online, and the smart ones don’t forget it. So they wisely made time to spread the love back before getting caught by the paparazzi.

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