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Worlds will collide May 16th as my BFF-in-my-head, Robin Rihanna Fenty, and my boyfriend-in-my-head, Louis C.K., team up to co-host the SNL season finale. It's such a disparate pairing — an adorably cantankerous stressball and the R&B queen of zero fux given — that indelible moments of hot mess will invariably ensue.


In fact, here's a list of the top 5 things we would love to see happen:


1. In a spoof on the show Louie, RiRi steps in and plays Louis's TV ex-wife, "Janet" — whose character, like RiRi, is not the one to mess with.

2. A nip slip of any kind: We all know how Rihanna loves to play with censorship and fashion.


3. We'll gladly take a premiere of any new songs Rihanna is willing to share. Heck, by then her long-awaited new album may be out, so she can just run through the whole thing from start to finish.

4. A guest appearance by any of Rihanna's SnapChat-happy squad members. They've got jokes.


5. Louis crafting his opening monologue into one of his shrewd, insightful rants on race. We all need it right now.

While we wait to see what actual surprises emerge, let us not forget that Rihanna's masterful comedic timing in the SNL short "Shy Ronnie" previously garnered her an Emmy nomination in 2011.

Even better than "Shy Ronnie" is "Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde," in which RiRi sticks up a bank with her woefully bashful sidekick, "Ronnie," played by Adam Samberg, and walks off with the loot and Jon Hamm in tow.


Girl, yes.

Marjon Carlos is a style and culture writer for Fusion who boasts a strong turtleneck game and opinions on the subjects of fashion, gender, race, pop culture, and men's footwear.

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