A 50-year-old Argentine actress is fighting back against online body shaming and the intense scrutiny of her red carpet looks after pictures of her in a revealing dress triggered a series of nasty comments about her appearance.

The pictures of Ines Estevez, who has starred in popular Argentine movies and TV shows, were posted on one of Argentina’s leading news sites, La Nacion, as part of a regular series which asks readers to analyze celebrity's fashion sense. The story carried an eye-popping headline that asked readers: “Disaster or hit? Ines Estevez’ incredible cleavage.”


But instead of focusing on Estevez’s dress, dozens of readers decided to sound off about her body.

“They’re old,” one user wrote, referring to her breasts. There were dozens of other similar comments. “I might have killed for them 20 years ago, but I wouldn’t look at them now,” wrote another.


The actress responded by posting a topless selfie on her Facebook page with a lengthy commentary criticizing society's obsession with physical perfection. “I don’t think the human body offends because it is the most perfect piece of engineering ever created, regardless of race or age,” she wrote. “I don’t think we should support a culture of perfection because it only leads to plastic surgery, anorexia, bulimia and other things.”

She urged people to “avoid the tyranny of eternal youth and to live and let live.”

Her comments and the photo drew a huge outpouring of public support, with hundreds of people responding to her Facebook post.


"Ines, you're an example of class. I'm sure critics don't have bulging stomachs or penis-size problems."


"Ines, you're a beautiful woman, brilliant actress, creative and lucid. I support your intelligent comments."

"Ines, we've got your back. There are two never-ending things: the universe, and human stupidity."


Facebook has since taken down her photo, citing its nudity policy.

But her point was made. And regarding the appearance of her breasts, Estevez had the last word: “You will see a recent picture of my breasts without silicone or photoshop on my page. I’m proud of them.”