7 long-haired gentlemen to gaze upon now that Jared Leto's mane is no more

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Yesterday, the Internet shed a single collective tear when Suicide Squad director David Ayers revealed that Jared Leto (who's been cast as the Joker) and his luxurious ombre locks have parted company. Scroll down to survey the damage, but first, brace yourself.


Surely no role is worth all the suffering this has caused.

But we must rebuild, grow, carry on. It's what Jared Leto's hair would want. Now that your favorite man-bunned Oscar winner has been shorn like Samson, we've located a new crop of handsome long-haired dudes for your crushing consideration.

Avan Jogia

The former tween heartthrob at the center of ABC Family's Twisted has graduated to playing the lead role in Spike TV's upcoming King Tut miniseries, the aptly titled Tut.


Calin Sitar

The 6'1" model has a strange name and an exquisite face, so I guess it all evens out in the end.

Credit: Tumblr

Jason Momoa

Khal Drogo has us reaaaaaaally looking forward to the new Aquaman movie.


Taylor David

Thor's earthbound cousin is both a gifted illustrator and a repeat romance novel cover model, which isn't even fair, so shut up.

Credit: Kenton Magazine

Yuji Takotori

Sadly, the Japanese model has since cut his hair, but his Instagram achieved peak cuteness with this photo.



Keith Longhorn

In case the still image isn't enough for you, you can also watch the baby-faced Native American actor and model play a few acoustic covers on YouTube.

Credit: Facebook

Willy Cartier

The French model and dancer recently wrapped up a fragrance campaign for Diesel. I, too, would like to grab a fistful of his hair.


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