7 Ridiculous Super Bowl Prop Bets (And Picks)

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For professional and casual sports bettors alike, this Sunday, the (tentative?) date for Super Bowl XLVIII, marks perhaps the greatest wagering day of the year. On top of picking the winner, total score and MVP, the oddsmakers at Bovada have created hundreds of different prop bets for the public to wager on.


The fun part? Some of them are deliciously ridiculous.

So if your team didn’t make the big game, you want a little more excitement at your family watch party, or your annual work block pool just isn’t enough this year, these silly novelty bets might be up your alley.

Let’s get started… (Betting line denotes how much you win or lose if you bet $100.)

1. Will it snow during the game?

Yes: +300

No: -500

Barring a significant change in the forecast, this isn't going to happen. A quick glance at various forecasts show around 20% to 30% chance of RAIN since temperatures are projected to stay near or above freezing for most of the game. Stay far away from this one, but if you really have to choose, I'd say…

Pick: No.

2. Will the power go out in the stadium during the game?

Yes: +2000

Ohhh, this could be fun. Put $100 on this prop and then spend four hours with family and friends praying to the football gods that the power goes out. Yeah, you’ll probably be the most insufferable person at the party, but if this thing actually hits, you’ll get the last laugh and cash in with $2,000.


Pick: Two years in a row? Wouldn’t bank on it.

3. How long will it take Renee Fleming to sing the official US National Anthem?

Over 2 minutes 25 seconds: +110

Under 2 minutes 25 seconds: -150

Alright, this is an interesting one. Even though Alicia Keys’ rendition ran 2:35 last year, this over/under time looks exceptionally long. In 2012, Kelly Clarkson clocked in at a rather normally paced 1:34. And then a year before that, Christina Aguilera finished at 1:54. But here’s the wildcard: This year’s singer, Renee Fleming, is an opera star. We’ve never seen an opera artist open up the super bowl, leaving us with a bit of uncertainty…


Pick: Even considering the opera unpredictability, take the under.

4. How many times will Peyton Manning say "Omaha" during the game?

Over 27.5: -135

Under 27.5: -105

Probably my favorite of the bunch. If you’ve watched the Broncos at all this year, you surely know by now that Peyton Manning screams “Omaha!” a WHOLE lot. To this day, we still have no clue what it means. Anyway, he belted the name of Nebraska’s largest city 44 times two weeks ago vs. the Chargers, but then only 31 times vs. the Patriots in the AFC Championship. I don’t see this downward trend continuing as he’ll be busy calling audibles against Seattle’s staunch defense on Sunday. And hey, it’s for charity now — we all know how much Peyton loves to help kids!


Pick: Take the over

5. Will the announcers say the word "Marijuana" during the game?

Yes: +350

No: -600

You’ve seen the not-so-funny weed puns all over your Facebook feed: Washington and Colorado are getting together for one huge "Super Bowl." It sure got old in a hurry. But will the social media commentary spill onto the actual broadcast? Doubtful. While Commissioner Roger Goodell did broach the topic of medical marijuana last week, I still don’t see this coming up on Sunday night. Between Manning, the weather and Richard Sherman, there are too many other dominating storylines.


Pick: No, but not worth the steep price either. Stay away.

6. Will any member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers be shirtless during their performance?


Yes: -120

No: -120

I’ve never been to a RHCP show, so I’m not well-versed in their usual on-stage routine. But I do know it’s projected to be 32 degrees at kickoff. Tough call.


Pick: Consult your most trusted Chili Peppers lover.

7. Will Michael Crabtree mention Richard Sherman in a tweet during the Super Bowl from kickoff until final whistle?


Yes: +300

No: -500

The absurdness has peaked. Crabtree literally controls this bet with a quick use of his cell phone. What a world. Anywho, the “sorry receiver” has only tweeted twice since his 49ers lost to the Seattle Shermans last week. Even if he were to tweet on Sunday, I find it highly unlikely he’ll engage his new nemesis during the game.


Pick: Nope!