7 things we demand from Andy Samberg's Emmy-hosting gig

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The internet shut down last night after it was announced that Andy Samberg will be hosting the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony that airs September 20th on FOX. The news is welcome and invigorating for Samberg fans and awards show fans alike. We've got absurdly high-hopes for his hosting gig. Here's what we hope to see:

1. A rousing opening number


Andy's musical stylings with his incredible group, The Lonely Islandare just as good live as they are in digital shorts.  We're hoping the boys put together a really great awards-themed opening number that sets the tone for the evening.

2. A Brooklyn Nine-Nine parody

The show has been notably snubbed at the Emmys. Andre Braugher was the only cast member ever nominated, and was beaten in 2014 for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series by Ty Burrell for his work as Phil Dunphy on Modern Family. If there was ever a time to air your grievances or poke fun at yourself, now's the time.

3. Bits with his music pals


One of Andy's most notable talents is getting people who are otherwise stoic and untouchable to do ridiculous things with him. We'd love some original jams written with his music pals that will become instant classics. We're thinking something in the vein of "Dick in a Box," or "Boombox," or "I Just Had Sex."

4. Bits with his actor pals


Actors take themselves more seriously than other entertainers. You must be trained! You must commit! That's why actors parodying themselves works so well (See Natalie Portman's rap skills, above). If Andy can get as many celebs as possible to make fun of themselves, we'll definitely tune in.

5. Characters, characters, characters


First and foremost, Andy is a magnificent character actor. We want wigs. We want props. We want SNL Andy!

6. Justin Timberlake — in any capacity


JT fits in the actor AND musician categories above, so we figured we'd just give him his own. Justin is hilarious and Jimmy Fallon needs to stop hogging him! I hope Justin and Andy spend the summer creating stuff together.

7. A super-strong monologue


This is something we haven't seen from Andy, mostly because he doesn't do stand up and rarely hosts. He's been so focused on sketch comedy and musical comedy that we're missing out on his quick wit. We really hope he kills it!

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