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Just when we thought the nostalgia reboot overload was over, Haim Saban Entertainment has partnered with Lionsgate Films to reboot the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers into a new feature-length film. Since Michael Bay will not be involved to crush this fond childhood franchise, we're excited to see what they do with the movie and hope producers really grab ideas from the source material—the vintage TV show. And by hope, we mean tied to a chair and forced to watch Justin Bieber's Believe until they adhere to demands.

Since these things are what made the classic Power Rangers series so great, here are the essentials we'd like to see in the new movie:

1. Posing teenagers with attitude

2. Really clunky Zords that were pure marketing and never practical

3. Dem dance moves


4. Crossovers! (Please, Michael Bay, since you're working with these other vintage heroes right now?)

5. ERMAGHERD EXPLERZERNS! (Posing or slow-mo walking in front of them is required.)


6. "Everyday I'm tumblin'" — because there is no such thing as just walking into a fight.


7. Soooo '90s radical extreme sports, dude!


8. Jason David Frank … or else he will kill you … did we mention he does MMA?