8 more young New York socialites you've gotta know

Jason O. Gilbert

On Tuesday, the New York Observer shared its list of 21 young New York socialites you’ve gotta know. In the spirit of completeness, here are 8 more New York socialites you ALSO gotta know.

Paprika Isaacs

This heiress to the Triangle Shirtwaist fortune can be seen jetting between the Hamptons and occupied Palestine in her grandpapa's Cessna. When she's not nibbling on whale meat sliders at Nobu with Instagram pal Diplo, you can find her trotting around Tulum on her albino pony, Vera Bradley.

Paprika Isaacs, seen here wearing a crown of roses hand-assembled by Jeremy Piven for David Bowie's funeral.

Bag Steinbeck

John Steinbeck's great-grandson Bag is a fixture at both society book burnings and grocery store closings. Part of the "Snapchat Seven," along with Billy Baldwin Jr., Jacob Tremblay, and four of the Duggar children, Steinbeck is currently hard at work with producer Mark Ronson on his debut EP of politically woke rap-rock.


Hickle Hardee

Chances are if you've summered in Tahiti West—the ultra-luxe experimental banana republic funded by David Geffen—you've run into this fast food heiress/cocaine mule. When she's not taking musical improv classes at the Sorbonne, Hardee can be seen hurling batteries at SoulCycle instructors and terrorizing doormen. Look out for Hardee's forthcoming brand of non-GMO motor oil, debuting later this year at Art Basel Guantanamo.


Rockefeller Smith

Smith is a fixture of Fiery Man, the Burning Man alternative for high net worth individuals hosted annually on Richard Branson's helipad. Rockefeller made headlines earlier this year for vomiting on a police horse; his on-demand bowtie startup, Windsor, was recently valued at $4.7 billion.

Rockefeller, relaxing after a shirtless biker gang rumble inside the Whitney Museum.

Milch-Milch Wilch

Known for his rainbow man-bun and pitch-perfect Alan Greenspan impression, if you're throwing a going-back-to-prison bash, Milch-Milch better be on that guest list. He brings the party every time, whether he's blasting "Red Red Wine" from his portable boombox or defecating in your ventilation system. When he's not posing for R.E.I. catalogs, Milch-Milch is a founding editor of Roof Deck, the #3 magazine for residents of skyscrapers in gentrifying neighborhoods.



John Jacob Astor IV left a fortune to his long-haired dachshund Finnegan, who has established himself as a fixture on the Lower East Side Nazi memorabilia scene. Finnegan made partner at Union Square Ventures in February and, when he's not investing in Bitcoin-based Eugenics startups, can often be seen lunching with Taylor Swift at his Rhode Island mansion/private prison compound.

Finnegan Astor, seen here at the premiere of "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

Seersucker Carnegie

A triple threat (acting, money laundering, public intoxication), Carnegie's debut play, "All Lives Matter," was hailed as a thrilling success by Carnegie magazine theater reviewer Seersucker Carnegie. Once known as Manhattan's most sought-after snuff film photographer, now he, along with girlfriend Hilfiger Romney, parade around town on their fleet of elephants, crushing beggars underfoot and arriving in style to charity Fight Club events.


Welch Putin

The youngest daughter of Vladimir Putin may never leave her 183rd floor apartment at 220 Central Park West, but that doesn't mean she's disconnected from society. Putin's Instagram feed is full of photos of her manservants in Abu Ghraib poses, though she also makes time to snap selfies with one of the many Postmates deliverymen she is rumored to have kidnapped.

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