80% of Hispanics dislike Donald Trump

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Eight in 10 Hispanic voters have an unfavorable view of presidential candidate Donald Trump, including more than 7 in 10 who have a “very unfavorable” impression of him, according to a Univision-Washington Post poll released Thursday.

The latter figure is more than double the percentage of any other candidate.

Hispanics' views of Trump have deteriorated since last summer, when just more than 7 in 10 had a negative view of him and fewer than 6 in 10 said they had a “very unfavorable” impression.


Last Summer, Trump declared Hispanics "already" love him and are "going to love Trump" even more once he brings back jobs from overseas.

The poll was conducted among a random national sample of 1,200 Hispanic registered voters on landline and cellular phones. Overall results have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.

"Should Trump become the Republican nominee, his current low standing among Hispanic voters could jeopardize the party’s hopes of winning the general election in November," the Post said. Trump's score versus Hillary Clinton is lower than for any other Republican candidate in the same match-up—73 to 16, and the Post notes that gap is significantly wider than the 44-point margin by which former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney lost Hispanics four years ago. It's also bigger than in any presidential exit poll since the 1970s.

Among the other GOP candidates, Clinton leads Rubio by 30 points among Hispanics, Cruz by 38, and Kasich by 43. And she holds a lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders of roughly 2 to 1 among Hispanics—though she lost the Hispanic vote in Nevada's primary.


Despite Trump's low standing among Hispanics, they have not totally soured on the Republican Party. More than 6 in 10 Hispanic voters said Trump’s views on immigration are not representative of the Republican Party overall. They have a net positive image of Marco Rubio by 45% to 37%, and an only slightly negative view of Ted Cruz, 44% to 39%. Kasich still is not known to about 4 in 10 Hispanics.

And Trump actually wins a share of those planning to vote in Republican primaries and caucuses. While, Rubio tops the field with 27% support, followed closely by Trump at 22%


Sanders victory in Nevada is indicative of surging support among Hispanics, despite Clinton's maintaining a lead. His favorable ratings have nearly quadrupled from 16% to 60% since last summer. There is a stark difference in Bernie views among age groups: Hispanic voters under age 35 give Sanders a 14 percentage-point lead over Clinton, while Clinton leads by about 50 points among middle-aged Hispanic Democrats and by 70 points among those ages 65 and older.

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