A$AP Rocky Convicted of Assault by Swedish Court

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A$AP Rocky was convicted of assault in Sweden on Wednesday for his role in a June 30 street brawl in Stockholm, a ruling that comes after President Donald Trump tried to intervene on his behalf.

The rapper will not face prison time but will be required to pay damages to the victim of the assault, as well as “repay the state for its expenses for public legal counsels.” Two of his companions were also convicted in the case.

Trump had previously championed Rocky’s case, blaming Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven for not stepping in and arguing A$AP Rocky should be freed because America does “so much for Sweden but it doesn’t seem to work the other way around,” which is definitely the way the Swedish legal system works.


After the rapper was released from Swedish jail earlier this month, Trump tweeted:

Trump’s efforts—reportedly the result of lobbying by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West—also included sending the United States’ top hostage negotiator, Robert C. O’Brien, to Sweden to advocate for Rocky’s release, despite the fact that he was not actually being held hostage. (Hua Qu, whose American husband Xiyue Wang is currently detained in an Iranian prison on suspicions of espionage, told the New York Times that she hoped actual hostages like her spouse would receive “the same level of attention.”)

Trump has yet to respond to Rocky’s conviction. Feel free to place your bets below on whether his inevitable reaction will be an angry tweet or a full nuclear barrage.