A bridge in Iowa was covered in so many bugs the cops were called in

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Extraordinary measures had to be taken in an Iowa town on the Mississippi River on Saturday, when a swarm of mayflies descended upon the bridge connecting the town to Savanna, Illinois.

This is where I'd call it quits. Sorry, Sabula, it's the mayflies' bridge now.

Thankfully, the local authorities were not so squeamish.

The swarm was filmed by Sabula resident Teena Franzen, who traveled to the scene in her son's police car. She told local TV station WQAD it was the worst swarm she had seen since moving to the area in 1975.

If the video freaks you out, WQAD's description of the bridge paints an even more disgusting picture. Cars that stopped after attempting to cross the river accumulated "knee-high" concentrations of the bugs. Two motorcycles almost crashed after losing traction on the bridge.


Eventually, the state department of transportation had to be called in to plow the surface of the bridge, according to the Sabula police. That left the surface pretty slick (ew), so they had to sand it down, as though it were snowing.

Hats off to the Iowa DOT for not surrendering any territory in America's ongoing War on Bugs. You're heroes in my book.

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