A British student is angry because he got invited to a consent workshop and not a party

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George Lawlor, according to his profile on the British student newspaper conglomerate The Tab, describes himself as an "abysmal journalist at worst, slightly above mediocre at best." Lawler, a student at Warwick University in England, was indeed up to some journalism-like behavior last week when he penned the blog post titled, "Why I don't need consent lessons."

Lawlor, 19, starts his piece with a fun, relatable anecdote—logging onto Facebook, checking your notifications, seeing an invite. But it's no party invite: it's an invitation to "I Heart Consent Training Lessons." This did not please him; Lawlor writes that upon realizing he's invited to a consent workshop, not a party, "crushing disappointment quickly melts away and is overcome by anger."

His column for the paper is accompanied by this photo:


Lawlor says he "loves consent." He's apparently just angry that someone would have the sheer audacity to invite him to a consent workshop:

Self-appointed teachers of consent: get off your fucking high horse. I don’t need your help to understand basic human interaction. Secondly, go and do something. Real people need your help and they deserve better than you. Next time you consider inviting me or anyone else to another bullshit event like this, have a little respect for the intelligence and decency of your peers. You might find that’s a more effective solution than accusing them of being vile rapists-in-waiting who can only be taught otherwise by a smug, righteous, self-congratulatory intervention.


Lawlor, who also wrote a post titled, "Nobody realises how tough it is to be a skinny guy," doubled down when speaking to Metro.co.uk:

‘I don’t consider myself to be somebody who doesn’t know what consent is. Maybe I just have too much faith in my peers.

‘I don’t think consent requires teaching. I don’t think they need to be taught not to be a rapist.’

He thinks that people like him, from a ‘privileged white middle class lifestyle’, are ‘not what [rapists look] like’.


Lawlor said on his Twitter that he's coming through with a fire response article soon.


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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