It's not even Halloween yet, but misguided teens are already dressing up in costumes that include blackface.

In this case, it's a Hilliard, Fla., high school student going as "Nicki Minaj," along with her date, "Drake," to homecoming. It looks as though the girl who Tweeted them is the same one in the photo, although we cannot confirm this. She has since deleted her account.


Of course, bad blackface decisions know no age or geography. Just 24 hours ago, a teacher in Alabama had to apologize for wearing blackface as part of a Kanye West costume. And Guatemala just elected a comedian best known for wearing blackface as president.


If you don't understand why wearing blackface is wrong, David Dennis puts it well in the Guardian:

In America, it has been clearly established that blackface is something that's at best in bad taste and at worst an act of unflinching racism. So, by participating in the act, people are admitting that they don't care who they offend or what symbols of oppression they perpetuate. Which is why Halloween is one of the most frustrating holidays for black Americans.


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