In one ad, a voice is heard telling listeners in Spanish that Donald Trump intends to take America "down, down, down to a dark place where intolerance, racism, and hate rule." (translation via PFAW)


According to PFAW, the ads will run on TV in Nevada and Virginia, and digitally in those states, as well as in Colorado, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

"One year ago, Donald Trump went down that escalator to declare his candidacy and declare his war on Latinos," Lizet Ocampo, director of Latinos Vote! and manager of political campaigns for People For the American Way, said in a statement. "Trump is the most hateful, anti-immigrant presidential candidate that any of us have ever seen. His hate harms every one of us and goes against the American values of welcoming immigrants and celebrating diversity. Thankfully, more and more of us are registering to vote every year, and we have the power to decide the outcome of this election."


For Machado, Trump's ascendency was the inspiration for something she'd put off for nearly 20 years since moving to the United States: Becoming a citizen.

"It was like a great monster reappearing in my life,” she told Think Progress. “In the beginning, I thought there was no way this loco will ever win. But after the primaries I realized I need to vote. I can’t invite my community to step up if I won’t do it myself." Machado has reportedly passed her citizenship test, and is now waiting to receive her passport.


She's not alone. As Fusion noted in April, tens of thousands of Latinx immigrants have begun the process of applying for citizenship in response to Trump's campaign.

“I share this story with you to show you who Mr. Trump is, and how he sees us," Machado said during the press conference. "We don’t need a businessperson who divides our country. We need someone with a good heart. Therefore, I urge you today to vote. To register. To become a citizen."