A Fun Little Anecdote About the Dummies in the White House

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As we get closer to the release date of journalist Vicki Ward’s new tell-all investigative book Kushner, Inc., more excerpts are being released publicly which paint the Trump White House as the sort of finely tuned, high-performance machine you’d expect from a dedicated cadre of extremely qualified professionals.

Just kidding, it’s actually full of morons, grifters, and fuck ups.

Take, for instance, this new selection provided to Axios on Wednesday, detailing the ramp-up to the president’s decision to fire then-FBI Director James Comey:

[I]n early May [2017], an aide to Gary Cohn, who had an office on the second floor of the West Wing, noticed a document on his printer. It appeared to be a letter from Trump, firing Comey. It also appeared to have been sent to the wrong printer. ...

Trump was livid about the attention the FBI investigation was attracting, but to fire the head of the FBI while it was investigating him was an extraordinarily risky move. ...

Cohn told his aide to take the letter straight to [then-White House counsel] Donald McGahn, who also had an office on the second floor of the White House (and whose printer it had clearly been meant for). Upon receiving it and realizing it had been printed in the wrong place, McGahn said, “Oh, f!@#!”


Printers, man. So complicated.

The White House has predictably pushed back on Ward’s book. “It’s sad, but not surprising,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. “The media would spend time promoting a book based on shady anonymous sources and false information instead of all the incredible work Jared and Ivanka are doing for the country.”


I can only assume she typed up her lame-ass rebuttal, hit “print,” and then spent 20 minutes running around the West Wing trying to find which office it actually printed to.