A group of British bankers got fired for making an ISIS-style mock execution video

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HSBC, the giant London-based bank, fired a group of employees who made a video mocking an ISIS-style execution while on a "team building exercise" at a go-kart track.

According to The Sun, which found a video of the stunt on Instagram, the men pictured in the video were members of a "Birmingham-based legal team" for HSBC. The bank workers were reportedly participating in a team outing at Teamworks Karting track in Birmingham when they made the video, which shows five hooded men dressed in black surrounding a man kneeling in an orange jumpsuit, similar to the ones worn by ISIS captives. The men are heard saying "Allahu Akbar," while laughing and holding a coathanger menacingly.

Following the release of the video, HSBC's press office announced that it had fired "the individuals involved" in the stunt.