A group of California cops are on leave after killing a woman driving her car in a 'reckless' manner

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A woman driving a smashed-up car in what was reported as a "reckless and erratic" manner was shot and killed by police in Torrance, CA on Monday.

Videos of the woman driving before the incident, obtained by local media, show a gray sedan with extensive damage, airbags deployed, and music blaring, as it weaves around the road around 2:30 PM local time.

Officers responding to multiple 911 calls about the woman said they saw her driving dangerously, according to a statement from Torrance police. After a “pursuit” by officers, police said they fanned their cars out to stop the the car from moving, but that the woman accelerated the car in reverse, hitting two occupied police cars.


Within ten minutes of arriving on the scene, officers opened fire on the woman, identified by police as Michelle Lee Shirley, 39, of San Diego. In the videos posted online, at least 15 shots can be heard ringing out. Shirley was pronounced dead after arriving at Harbor General Hospital at 3:05 pm.

One officer received moderate injuries when Shirley allegedly “rammed” his car, Torrance Police Sgt. Paul Kranke told Fusion. Six officers were involved in the shooting, Kranke said, but their names have not been released. They are all on administrative leave after the shooting in accordance with department policy, he said.

Before the shooting, Kranke said Shirley drove to Torrance from a neighboring community earlier on Monday and noted that video of her driving captured by residents “shows you the state of mind” she was in before her death.

Here's one angle on the incident via Twitter user @D_Reg_:

Unarmed woman who was just in a car accident is shot & killed by police in Torrance, California. Outrageously excessive.

Video by @D_Reg_ pic.twitter.com/u9StSHfjNh

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) November 1, 2016

Another video, obtained by NBC, provides a closer view of the woman's car as she weaves down a residential street with her airbags deployed:

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