A heavily armed California man was charged with threatening a 'Columbine-type' massacre at a mosque

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Prosecutors have charged a 40-year-old California man with making terrorizing phone calls threatening the lives of worshipers at the Islamic Center of Southern California.

Mark Feigin, of Agoura Hills, allegedly called the center twice in September, once threatening to kill its members because of his "hatred for Muslims and his belief that Muslims will destroy the United States," Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. Horace Frank said in a press conference on Tuesday.

Police were able to trace the calls back to Feigin and arrested him in a traffic stop of October 19. A search of his home turned up a massive weapons cache of thousands of ammunition rounds and multiple firearms.


Omar Ricci, a spokesman for the Islamic Center of Southern California, said during the presser that although the mosque does get hateful calls from time to time, these rose to "a different level."

After seeing photos of the ammunition and weapons obtained in the search, Ricci said it conjured up fears of a “Columbine-type event" and that the center has added security after the incident.


“He could have very easily barged into our facility, with the innocent parishioners, constituents,” he said. “The worst comes to mind.”

Los Angeles police are also investigating a string of disturbing, anti-Muslim social media posts they believe are linked to Feigin, including calls for “filthy Islamic beasts” to be "quarantined" and saying of the fate of Muslim refugees, “drowning them is best,” the Los Angeles Times reported.


Feigin's arrests comes a month after three members of a right-wing militia in Kansas were arrested for allegedly plotting to blow up an apartment building and mosque in the Somali community of Garden City.