A key ally says Trump is planning to follow through on one of his most sickening campaign proposals

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President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly considering plans for a national registry of Muslims under his new administration—because what could possibly go wrong with a massive list of people based on their religion?

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who is reportedly a top candidate to become Trump's Attorney General, told Reuters that officials are considering pushing forward for the registry and plans to build a wall at the US border with Mexico without congressional approval.

Kobach, who holds deeply hard-line views on immigration and who was the architect of Kansas' insanely racist law requiring proof of citizenship to vote, said the registry would track immigrants and visitors from countries where terrorist organizations are active.


He said policy advisers would recommend reinstating the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, a post-9/11 era program that was shuttered in 2011 after civil rights groups pointed out the registry opened the door for widespread racial profiling.

Muslims already say they fear for their personal safety after Trump's election–and a registry to single them out for their religion would only make matters worse.

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