A lesbian couple's home was vandalized by bigots. Their town responded in the most incredible way.

Mary Saladna/Facebook

Cari and Lauri Ryding have lived together in Natick, MA for more than four years. Their town's reaction to a brief moment of intolerance told them they were in the right place.

The Boston Globe reported that the couple recently returned from vacation to find that a rainbow flag with the word "peace" emblazoned on it they had hung up after the Orlando Pulse shooting had been stolen off their porch. Someone had also thrown eggs at their house.


Lauri Ryding posted on Facebook that she spread word around the neighborhood to try and see if anyone had witnessed the vandalism. That's when the community came together.

The Rydings wrote on Facebook that more than 40 houses responded by flying their own rainbow flags in solidarity. The Rainbow Peace Flag Project, a local group that gives away the flags for free, provided the neighborhood with the supplies and the Globe reported that local children helped deliver the flags on bicycles.


"Somebody’s fear called them to action,” Ryding told the Globe. “But our neighbors support and love called them to action, and love conquers hate. Love wins. We win.”

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