A List of Horrible Incidents Connected to Sheriff David Clarke

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On Wednesday, Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. announced that he had accepted a job in the Trump administration as an assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security.


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that in the new role, Clarke—who once claimed that there is “no police brutality in America”—will serve as a “a liaison with state, local and tribal law enforcement and governments.”

Last November, the Trump supporter was reportedly being considered to head the department, a job that ultimately went to John Kelly.

The announcement disturbed many people, and for good reason: Clarke has a deeply troubling history. Beyond his frequently inflammatory rhetoric, he’s been directly linked to a string of abuses and misdeeds in his role as Milwaukee sheriff, which he has been since 2002.

Fusion recapped some of the controversies surrounding Clarke when he was being considered for the secretary job last year. But in case you forgot, here is a list of the many known allegations associated with Clarke.


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