A Liverpool store just came up with a brilliant solution to avoid slow walkers

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

There's nothing humanity despises more than walking slowly behind someone on a crowded sidewalk. Slow walkers—be they texting, leisurely, or otherwise—are a scourge, and clearly policy is lagging in searching for solutions to rid our sidewalks of these malicious monsters.


A Target-esque store called Argos in the British city of Liverpool, then, ought to be held up as heroes for installing a "Fast Track" pedestrian lane outside their store.

The Daily Mail reports Argos installed the lane after research was released claiming "half the nation found the slow pace of high streets to be their biggest shopping bugbear," which, I think, means they don't like walking behind slow people.

It'll only be for the first week of November, according to this video:

This video, evidently, reveals the "Fast Track" is a marketing stunt for Argos, who are advertising their "Fast Track" delivery service.

"Across the country, we want to give our customers the fastest experience… so if they pay online, they can come into any of our stores and pick up their products from our dedicated Fast Track areas in as little as 60 seconds," Andy Brown, the Central Operations Director at Argos, says.

Okay, so, maybe they're not really heroes.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.