A Mexican worker had an A+ comeback to Donald Trump's anti-immigrant comments

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump caused an uproar when he called Mexican immigrants "rapists" and drug smugglers during a speech announcing his candidacy for president last month. The comments have cost him dearly. NBC, which airs the Trump-hosted Celebrity Apprentice, cut ties with The Donald. Macy's will no longer sell Trump duds and Univision (one of Fusion's parent companies) dropped the Miss USA Pageant, which is part-owned by Trump.


But perhaps the most poignant response to Trump's attack comes from a Mexican construction worker, who called Trump out for his remarks.


In a video apparently posted by Occupy Democrats, an off-cameria interviewer asks "What do you think about that guy?" The man responds:

"Donald Trump? That son of a gun who says we're all thieves? Look, bastard, how we rape… these stakes! How we work ourselves to death just to eat. I make $1,100/week and the government takes $350 to feed your lazy, unemployed drug addicts."

When asked, "What drugs do you do," the man holds up his tools: "This one's my drug and this one's my booze, fool!"

Danielle Wiener-Bronner is a news reporter.