A Minnesota woman wrote a perfect response to cops who walked off a WNBA game over Black Lives Matter


True to her name, Minnesotan Stacey Burns this week delivered a positively scorching critique of the four off-duty Minneapolis cops who quit their security gig for the Minnesota Lynx WNBA team, after several players wore jerseys commemorating the black men recently killed by police in Falcon Heights, MN and Baton Rouge, LA. The shirts also honored the law enforcement officers murdered during a Dallas protests against police violence.


In a letter to the Twin Cities' Star Tribune newspaper, Burns pointed out that any officer inclined to abandon a contractual obligation over a t-shirt is perhaps not someone the general public would want armed and patrolling the streets at large.

While Burns doesn't seem particularly confident in the decision-making ability of the officers in question, Minneapolis Police Federation president Lt. Bob Kroll—whom she gleefully trolls in the above tweet—is proud of his brothers in blue,  commending them for their decision to quit, and saying the Lynx had a "pathetic draw" of fans.

In response, Minneapolis Mayor Betsey Hodges characterized Kroll's comments as remarks as "jackass remarks."


Maybe Mayor Hodges should change her last name to "Burns" too?

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