A mother filmed the very invasive TSA pat-down of her teenage son

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Jennifer Williamson is "livid" at the Transportation Security Administration after her son Aaron was subjected to what she claims is a particularly invasive and totally unwarranted pat-down at the Dallas Fort-Worth airport this weekend.

In video posted on Facebook Sunday morning, Aaron is shown standing spread eagle as a TSA agent pats his arms, legs, and crotch, as well as running his gloved hand along the inside of the boy's waistband twice. In her post, Williamson says the experience put her family "through hell."

"We were treated like dogs," Williamson wrote.

"Let me make something else crystal clear," Williamson continued. "He set off NO alarms. He physically did not alarm at all during screening, he passed through the detector just fine. He is still several hours later saying 'I don't know what I did. What did I do?' I am livid."


Since having been posted on Sunday morning, the video has been played a million and a half times, and racked up nearly 30,000 shares across Facebook.

In a statement to Fusion, the TSA wrote:

TSA allows for a pat-down of a teenage passenger, and in this case, all approved procedures were followed to resolve an alarm of the passenger’s laptop.

The video shows a male TSA officer explaining the procedure to the passenger, who fully cooperates. Afterward, the TSA officer was instructed by his supervisor, who was observing, to complete the final step of the screening process.

In total, the pat-down took approximately two minutes, and was observed by the mother and two police officers who were called to mitigate the concerns of the mother.

The passengers were at the checkpoint for approximately 35 minutes, which included the time it took to discuss screening procedures with the mother and to screen three carry-on items that required further inspection

For Williamson, however, the experience has left her shaken.

"These power tripping TSA agents," she wrote, "who are traumatizing children and doing whatever they feel like without any cause, need to be reined in."

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