A mural honoring Sandra Bland was defaced with the words 'All Lives Matter'

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Days after artists painted a mural to honor the life of Sandra Bland, it was defaced with the words "All Lives Matter."

Here's a photo of the original mural:


And here's the defacement:

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The artists Kalkidan Assefa and Allan Andre were eventually able to remove the defacement, the CBC reports, restoring the mural to its original state. It's not known who tagged the mural with "All Lives Matter."

Bland, a black woman, was found dead in her police cell by apparent suicide on July 13, 2015. She had been arrested by police three days prior for failing to use a turn signal to change lanes; video of the traffic stop showed a highly contentious run-in with the white police officer, who threatened to "light her up" with his stun gun. The incident has received international attention and condemnation from several politicians.


"All lives matter" is a typical retort to Black Lives Matter, which started as a hashtag after the Trayvon Martin killing in 2013 and has become both a rallying cry for activists and the name of a burgeoning civil rights movement. See here for why it is such an unconvincing reply.

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