Neilson Barnard

The following is a poem composed entirely of verbs that have been used in online news headlines about video clips from "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver."

John Oliver…

Smashes, trashes,
Bashes, flays,
Crushes, skewers,
Steamrolls, slays.

Tackles, torches,
Shatters, shames,
Blows up, breaks down,
Calls out, flames.

Hits, jabs,
Blasts, toasts;
Slams, shreds,
Nails, roasts.

Rails against and
Tears into and

Grills and kills and
Fires back;
Takes a swipe and
Takes a whack.

Explains, addresses,
Gets to the heart;
Declares all out war and
Rips apart.

Takes a stand and
Sings a song and
Perfectly sums up
All that’s wrong.