A poorly parked car was blocking the bike lane, so one cyclist did something heroic

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

There are lots of drivers who see bike lanes as just parking with pretty paint added on. Those drivers better not go to Brazil anytime soon.

A Youtube video posted to Reddit with the Portugese title "O homem mais forte do mundo" shows a large bald man dragging away a compact car that was parked in part of a bike lane. Then, after receiving shouts and applause for onlookers, he gets on his bike and rides off, presumably to fight more cycling-related wrongs.


Not a lot of other information is known about the video. If you were involved in this video, either as the person filming it, the cyclist or the car owner, we'd love to hear more.

We can't recommend that others try moving cars out of bike lanes if they're not as physically fit as this gentleman, but it is better than the alternative.