A reminder: If Trump loses, thank people of color for burying him

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The election is finally here. Can you believe it? It's time to vote! It's also time for a handy reminder: if only white people were voting, Donald Trump would be winning this thing in a landslide.


In the latest ABC News—Washington Post poll, Trump is winning white voters by a cool 16 points. That's actually lower than Republicans get, but still: 16 points is landslide territory.


And yet, Trump is widely viewed as a likely loser in this election. Why? Because it's not just white people who are voting. There's a reason North Carolina Republicans are crowing about increased white voting, or that Trump himself freaked out when so many Latinx voters showed up to the polls in Nevada. If fewer people of color vote, Trump has a better shot at victory. It's as simple as that.

So, if Trump winds up losing, thank people of color for preventing white people from dragging us into an apocalypse.

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