A Republican congressman compared meeting with angry constituents to facing a 'lynch mob'

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Rep. Steve Womack was the latest Republican lawmaker to be confronted by angry constituents during a town hall-style meeting back in his home district in Arkansas on Tuesday. Instead of taking in the valid concerns of the people he's elected to represent, Womack reduced them to a "lynch mob."

"It became somewhat one-sided, not necessarily a lynch mob, but at least an angry mob that was not going to be happy with anything I said," Womack told local station KHBS after the meeting, which was planned as a quaint "Coffee with the Congressman" event.

That's right, not necessarily a lynch mob, but definitely similar enough to comfortably say the words "lynch mob" to the news media. Because it apparently bears repeating, facing voters who aren't happy with the way you're doing your job is not at all the same as a vigilante mob taking justice into their own hands to murder a victim who's almost always black.


More than 150 constituents packed the room, with even more residents who weren't able to fit waiting outside. Womack said they prevented an "adult-level discussion" from happening.

"You wasted a lot of money on Benghazi, waste a little on Trump!" one resident can be heard shouting in video of the meeting.


Constituents also wanted to know what was going to happen to their health care if Republicans follow through on promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and much more.

Maybe, just maybe, they're angry for a reason.

You can watch KHBS' interview with Womack here: