A sample job application for the Facebook Trending team

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Thank you for your interest in the Facebook Trending news team! Please answer the following questions so that we can determine your suitability for the position.

  1. How would you describe the sinking of the Titanic, in a sentence?
    A) Titanic sinks after colliding with an iceberg; more than 1,000 passengers killed
    B) 1,500 passengers die after cruise ship Titanic crashes into iceberg
    C) Large boat faces flotation problems following iceberg-related incident, reports say

  1. Elizabeth Warren is going viral on Twitter after attacking Donald Trump in a series of tweets. How would you summarize this event without using the words “Twitter” or “tweets”?

  1. The city of Akron, Ohio, is having traffic light problems at a major intersection. Who would be interested in this story?
    A) Current citizens of Akron, Ohio
    B) Current and former citizens of Akron, Ohio
    C) Facebook users who are planning a trip to Akron, Ohio
    D) Everyone in the entire world

  1. What has been the most consequential news story of 2016, and why has it involved the Kardashians?

  1. What is the ideal amount of time after a major news story breaks to list it as Trending on Facebook?
    A) After 4 hours
    B) After 8 hours
    C) After 3 days
    D) Never

  1. How would you divide news into 4 basic categories?
    A) National, International, Local, Hyperlocal
    B) Politics, Entertainment, Technology, Sports
    C) Video Games, John Oliver Clips, Instagram, Justin Bieber’s Dick

  1. Are there any websites (Breitbart, for example) that you wouldn’t—and we’re talking about Breitbart here—consider a legitimate news organization (fucking Breitbart, for one)?

  1. Snapchat.
    A) Huh?
    B) What is that?
    C) Never heard of it.
    D) Let us never discuss Snapchat again.

  1. Match the following non-Facebook social networks to how they should be described in Facebook Trending.
    Vine………………………."Social media posting"
    Twitter………………….."Social media posting"
    Instagram…………….."Posting on social media"

  1. Rearrange the following hypothetical news headlines in order of importance.
  2. Iran nukes Israel
  3. Chris Hemsworth appears shirtless on 'Today' show
  4. President assassinated
  5. 'Alex from Target' does Carpool Karaoke

  6. If you were to burn out on summarizing news articles for a living, would you tell all to an investigative reporter?
    A) No!
    B) Definitely not!
    C) I can't imagine doing that!
    D) Anyone who does that is a traitor!

Thank you again for your interest! We'll let you know if you got the job several days later than you'd think we would.

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