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Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas and a twice failed GOP presidential candidate, will be appearing on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars.

Perry will be competing in the reality dance competition against 90s rapper turned nü-metal dabbler Vanilla Ice and swim villain Ryan Lochte, among others.


Derek Hough, a fan favorite and the brother of the woman who was in that Nicholas Sparks movie where it turns out she was friends with a ghost, will also be returning to the show. To announce the news, he posted an Instagram video of himself dancing against moody backdrops.

But just for fun, let's pretend it's Rick Perry dancing in this video.

This is Rick Perry, who signed a sweeping abortion law that threatened to close all but a handful of clinics in the second most populous state in the country, kicking some dirt in frustration and passion.


This is Rick Perry, who refused to comply with a federal law aimed at eliminating sexual abuse in prisons, doing a flip on the beach.


This is Rick Perry, who signed the voter suppression law that was recently found to violate the Voting Rights Act, wearing a beanie and experimenting with gesture.


This is Rick Perry, who presided over more executions than any other governor in United States history, including one of a man who was most likely innocent, walking shirtless on the beach at sunset.


And this is Rick Perry, who this time last year believed that he could be president but is instead participating in a reality dance competition alongside Vanilla Ice, saying "That is the real Dancing with the Stars, very true" after dancing with a group of Orthodox Jewish men at the Texas State Capitol. [Ed note: His specialty is the Texas two-step because, as we all know, he can’t count to 3.]

Truly beautiful.

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