A song for all the haters: Emilio Estefan, Pitbull, Wisin drop 'We're all Mexican'

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Singer-songwriter Emilio Estefan and an all-star group of musicians are pushing back against the inflammatory anti-immigrant rhetoric dominating the GOP presidential campaign with a new song called, “We’re All Mexican.”


The Grammy-winning producer told Univision’s Al Punto program on Sunday that he decided to bring together a group of entertainers to record the track after growing tired of hearing anti-Latino comments. “There seems to be a resentment, a certain hate (towards Latinos),” he said. “Latinos have accomplished a lot, we have to send a message to the entire world that we’re united.”

A video of the song, which features Pitbull, Wisin, Thalia, Wyclef Jean, Carlos Vives and Carlos Santana among others, premiered on Monday. The release was timed to coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month, which started in mid-September.

The song comes as immigration has emerged as a leading issue on the campaign trail following the rise of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, who angered Hispanic groups this summer with his bigoted criticism of Mexican immigrants.

Estefan, however, says it's not just about Trump. “It’s not about him. It’s about everything I’ve seen around him."

"The song celebrates the positive contributions of immigrants in the United States as a balance to the negativity being expressed publicly," he said.

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