Blake Ross/Facebook

(Warnings: contains NSFW language)

There's a lot going on on the streets of San Francisco these days: Linux graffiti, Rude AirBNB ads, guerrilla fruit grafters.

And now this: A street fight that has been turned into a brilliant, DIY musical.

Blake Ross, a founder of Mozilla Firefox, caught the tussle as it unfolded on a corner in the city's Mission District and began filming.


Rather than simply upload it to YouTube, he created a brilliant musical that addresses street etiquette in 2015, white male interactions, city administration, and tech bubbles. It's basically the first-ever musical about Silicon Valley.

The protagonists:

  • "Bullhorn guy"
  • "Momentarily shirtless guy"
  • "Meter maid"

The plot is more elliptically Beckett than baroque Rodgers and Hammerstein: Basically, it's two guys yelling at each other over nothing.


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