A teacher gave this student a zero because her art project violates the dress code. That's some sexist crap.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A teacher at Brigham Young University–Idaho doled out a zero to a student because her art project violated the dress code. As you can see, she took some horribly inappropriate photos. I mean, look at those shoulders!


Freshman Waverly Giles also posted the nonsense notes her professor gave her on social media. They read, "I have no idea what to do w/ these. They're artistic but…"

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Giles spoke to a local TV station in Utah called KUTV about what happened:

Before posting to Twitter, Giles said she talked to her humanities teacher about the grade and was told, that while the photos were “creative,” it was “so inappropriate (she) would photograph a naked girl.”

“It’s very frustrating,” Giles told KUTV in a phone interview. “I feel my professor might be doing a disservice by not being able to look at my art objectively. It was implied nudity, there isn’t even nudity, there is just collarbone.”

Some of Giles' supporters have been tweeting out famous works of art with nudity in them to highlight just how absurd the whole thing is. It's no surprise something sexist happened at one of the conservative BYU schools, but really? A professor who assigned an art project was offended by those innocuous photos? Give me a break.

KUTV is reporting the professor is going to graciously let Giles redo the assignment. Um, sorry, she's already done the assignment and had to put up with your sexist crap. She should get full marks.

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