A timely reminder: Our next president can't stop attacking women and journalists on Twitter

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President-elect Donald Trump has made himself known for many things, but his outsized Twitter feed—where he has gleefully attacked everyone from Rosie O'Donnell and President Obama to Kristen Stewart, and has helped some of his white supremacist followers gain more attention than ever—ranks right up there.

While his election last week as our next leader of the free world has somewhat slowed the online vitriol, Trump hasn't stopped taking out his discontents online—and a story from Fox News host Megyn Kelly shows just how much of a problem that could be when he's president.

As part of the media coverage surrounding her new book, Kelly revealed that, after she reported on rape allegations made against Trump by his ex-wife Ivana in the 1990s, Trump allegedly called her to say: “I almost unleashed my beautiful Twitter account on you, and I still may.”


On Sunday, he also went on a tear against one of his biggest adversaries: the "failingNew York Times, which he said said is guilty of "BAD coverage" of his campaign.

It's not hard to see someone with this record of repeatedly targeting women and journalists escalating his campaign against both in the Oval Office.

Trump also recently vented online at the protests taking place against his election across the country, dismissing the demonstrators as "professional protesters" before quickly changing his tune.


The president-elect clearly understands the power he wields on Twitter, where his personal account, @realDonaldTrump, boasts more than 15 million followers. Let's hope, for everyone's sake, that part of his administration's first 100 days is hiring a social media team and lock up his personal phone.

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