A Trump-loving tow truck driver says God told him to strand a disabled Bernie supporter

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Bernie Sanders supporters in North Carolina, take note: Tow truck driver Kenneth Shupe doesn't want your business.


Shupe, a Trump supporter, demonstrated this preference when he refused to tow the truck of a disabled customer after he saw "a bunch of Bernie stuff," (presumably, campaign stickers) on her car. Shupe explained, "Every business dealing in recent history with a socialist minded person I have not gotten paid," adding, "Every time I deal with these people I get 'Berned' with an 'e' not a 'u'."

Shupe also cited some divine intervention for leaving Cassy McWade stranded. "I think the Lord came to me and he just said, 'Get in the truck and leave."

McWade wasn't having it. "Jesus wouldn't treat people like this."

She's probably right. It's more likely Jesus would have asked Shupe to behave like a good Samaritan. Jesus never said anything about checking for party affiliation.


Danielle Wiener-Bronner is a news reporter.

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