A USC football player allegedly raped a woman twice and Snapchatted video to her ex

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Osa Masina, a linebacker on the USC football team, has been suspended from playing in team games by the university in the wake of reports that he is under criminal investigation for two separate cases of alleged sexual assault.


The investigations are centered in both Utah and California, according to a TMZ report released Thursday evening. Masina, who has not been charged with a crime, is accused of raping one woman on two separate occasions.

The details of the case that TMZ reported are extremely gruesome.

The first incident, the site says, occurred on July 14th, in Los Angeles:

The woman told police Masina gave her a couple Xanax pills throughout the day. The woman says she had also been drinking alcohol, including wine by the pool and chugging Captain Morgan at a frat party.

After the frat party, the woman claims she was taken to Hill's apartment — but insists she was "out of it" due to the Xanax and the booze. However, she remembers smoking weed.

"The next thing the victim recalls is having sex with Osa Chad Masina," the search warrant says.

The woman claims she remembers Masina "holding her head and putting her mouth on his penis" while Hill had vaginal sex with her.


TMZ reports that the victim learned afterwards that Masina sent a Snapchat video and pictures of the alleged rape to her ex-boyfriend without her consent.

On July 26th, in Utah, Masina allegedly raped the same woman again.

Police issued a search warrant for Masina last week. Greg Skordas, the attorney representing Masina in the Utah case, told ESPN he couldn't reveal what was taken during the search, but that "apparently (the police) are going to do their investigation based on that search warrant." Skordas did not immediately respond to Fusion's request for comment.

Though USC has suspended him from playing, USC coach Clay Helton said Masina would be allowed to continue practicing with the team, citing university policy.

“As a coach, you’re taken out of it,” Helton told the Los Angeles Daily News. “This is university matter and a university policy, and I’m confident in the guidance of the university. They’ll let me know. I don’t have a crystal ball with it, but I’m very confident in their guidance on what to do moving forward.”


When asked by Fusion whether Masina would be allowed to practice in light of the TMZ reports, USC's football sports information director Tim Tessalone replied, "We haven't added anything beyond what we said a few days ago."

"USC is aware of the investigation involving student-athlete Osa Masina," the team wrote in a statement to ESPN. "USC is cooperating fully with authorities in Utah, the lead agency in the investigation. Due to privacy laws and to protect the rights of our students, we are not able to discuss this matter further."


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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