Image by Casey Florig/Fickr, Art by Alex Alvarez/Fusion
Image by Casey Florig/Fickr, Art by Alex Alvarez/Fusion

Harold Ramis, whom you might very fondly recall as Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters (or Russell Ziskey in Stripes) (or as the guy who co-wrote both of those movies) (or as the guy who directed Caddyshack) (and Groundhog Day) (among other things), has passed away at age 69 from complications relating to an autoimmune disease called vasculitis, leaving behind a whole slew of movies that you very likely enjoyed as a kid and can still enjoy today as something like an adult.


On the off-chance that you're unfamiliar with Ramis' work, we've put together a brief guide to some of the movies he acted in, wrote, and/or directed in the hopes that you might too enjoy some of the wonderful things he made for us. I am watching Groundhog Day right now, in fact!

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