A Very Sensitive President of the United States Just Blocked a Comedy Writer on Twitter

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

One of the upsides of Donald Trump’s pathetically non-presidential obsession with tweeting are the often succinct and snarky responses that help keep Trump’s lunacy in check. Comedy writer Bess Kalb was one of those commenters, offering up multiple spit-take moments when the president most deserved it.


But now we’ll have to follow her own Twitter account because the president of the United States just blocked her.

Apparently, Trump’s feelings were hurt over a comment she made about his grade school essay idea of adding “more dollars to Healthcare” to “make it the best anywhere.”

“Honestly, hun this is all so far over your head. If you need to have another “bone spur” and let Mike take over, no one will blame you,” Kalb replied.

And then this happened:


It is almost inconceivable that the sitting president of the most powerful nation on the planet is so thin-skinned that he can’t take a little ribbing from a professional comedian. It’s equally disturbing that he would actually have the time to do so, while ignoring the innumerable pressing issues going on in the world. This is assuming, of course, that Trump himself was the one to block her. If not, it’s still an idiotic waste of time. And counterproductive.



Weekend Editor, Splinter