A white supremacist attacked a kissing interracial couple and then said he wanted to go to a Trump rally

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In a crime police believe to have been motivated by racist sentiment, an interracial couple kissing outside the China Clipper bar in downtown Olympia, Washington, on Tuesday night was attacked by a self-confessed white supremacist.


According to police, Daniel Rowe—bearing tattoos reading "skinhead," "white power," and "hooligan," along with one of the Confederate flag—stabbed a 47-year-old black man with a knife and grazed his white girlfriend outside the bar. Neither victim suffered life-threatening injuries.

At first, police said, the male victim thought he'd been punched, and chased after Rowe. Eventually, he tripped Rowe, who then fell into a car and was knocked unconscious.

“He tells them, ‘Yeah, I stabbed them. I’m a white supremacist,'” police department spokesman Lt. Paul Lower told the Washington Post. “He begins talking about Donald Trump rallies and attacking people at the Black Lives Matter protest.” The Olympian reported that he told police he planned to attend a Donald Trump rally when released and "stomp out" Black Lives Matter activists.

Thurston County Deputy Prosecutor Joseph Wheeler told The Olympian that the attack "has all the hallmarks of a hate crime." “This black-and-white couple was simply expressing their love for one another,” he added.

Court documents obtained by the paper say Rowe, 32, was in town because of anti-police graffiti apparently painted on storefronts and bus stops downtown on Sunday night. After the stabbing, Rowe was booked on suspicion of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon.

In a statement, Olympia police said the crime appeared to be unprovoked.

Olympia PD did not immediately respond to a request for further comment.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.