A White Supremacist Pedophile Is Running for Congress in Virginia

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A congressional candidate in Virginia—who has reportedly admitted to raping his late ex-spouse, and who once spent 16 months in federal prison for threatening to kill the presidenttold HuffPost on Thursday that he was the creator of two now-defunct websites that essentially served as chat rooms for pedophiles and violent misogynists.

HuffPost reported that on the pedophilia platform, 37-year-old Nathan Larson wrote repeatedly of his desire to have sex with children, including his own daughter. When HuffPost asked Larson whether he really was a pedophile or if he just wrote about his desire to have sex with children, he said: “It’s a mix of both. When people go over the top there’s a grain of truth to what they say,” although he also added that it’s “normal” for men to be attracted to children.

It’s been previously reported that Larson is a pedophile. In 2015, the Colorado Springs Independent reported that Larson had sought custody of his daughter after his spouse died. But the Independent reported at the time that he had begun the process to terminate his parental rights after admitting that he probably wouldn’t pass a psychological evaluation to allow him to be around children unsupervised, given his belief that adults should be able to have sex with children. (Larson told the Washington Post last year that he’s only met his daughter once.)


The Independent reported that, in an email that was an exhibit in a restraining order case, Larson admitted to raping his spouse, a transgender man. In a legal filing to waive child support, his spouse reportedly wrote:

“During our relationship, he was severely emotionally and sexually abusive towards me. He stated multiple times that he wanted to have sex with a child. He talked about how he would manipulate and trick the child into giving him sex, told me he wouldn’t love the child if they did not have sex with him, and stated he had no interest in children other than sexual ... [He] raped me until I was pregnant and stated his intention to have sex with my child after she was born.”


On the platforms discovered by HuffPost (which have since been taken down), Larson also wrote several violently misogynist, pro-rape essays. Per HuffPost:

In “Let’s Define What Rape Is,” a 3,000-word essay posted on Nathania.org as well as other incel sites, Larson wrote: “Women are objects, to be taken care of by men like any other property, and for powerful men to insert themselves into as it pleases them, and as they believe will be in women’s own interests. In most cases, their interests are aligned, as long as the man is strong. Female sex-slaves actually get a much better deal than animals, because in most cases, they are allowed to reproduce, unlike animals raised for meat or companionship.”


Oh, and on top of all of this, Larson is also an open white supremacist who idolizes Hitler. Per HuffPost:

According to Larson’s campaign manifesto, his platform as a “quasi-neoreactionary libertarian” candidate includes protecting gun ownership rights, establishing free trade and protecting “benevolent white supremacy,” as well as legalizing incestuous marriage and child pornography.

In the manifesto, Larson called Nazi leader Adolf Hitler a “white supremacist hero.” He urged Congress to repeal the Violence Against Women Act, adding, “We need to switch to a system that classifies women as property, initially of their fathers and later of their husbands.” He also showed sympathy for men who identify as involuntary celibates, or incels, suggesting it is unfair that they “are forced to pay taxes for schools, welfare, and other support for other men’s children.”


Larson is running as an independent in the Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District (a swing district currently represented by Republican Barbara Comstock), and has run for office several times in the past, including a run for the state legislature last year after his voting rights were restored. He was censured by the Libertarian Party of Virginia last year. “He espouses many archaic and dark ideas that fly in the face of libertarian philosophy,” the state party chair wrote then. “If he persists in his campaign for office, he will find that his ideas and previous writings are considered repugnant to the people of Virginia and rightfully so.”

It doesn’t appear, however, that Larson has any plans to suspend his current campaign. “A lot of people are tired of political correctness and being constrained by it,” he told HuffPost. “People prefer when there’s an outsider who doesn’t have anything to lose and is willing to say what’s on a lot of people’s minds.”