Less than one week after being accused of preying on teenage girls as young as 14 in a bombshell report by The Washington Post, U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore threatened to sue the paper and suggested he’s investigating his accusers.


During a Christian Citizen Task Force forum in Huntsville, AL on Sunday night, the Republican reportedly told the crowd that the Post’s story—which featured four women who accused Moore on the record as well as 30 other sources—was “untrue” and promised the paper “will be sued.”

Moore also seemed to indicated that he’s investigating the women who have come forward.


“We’ve still got investigations going on,” Moore said about his accusers, according to the Post. “We’re still finding out a lot we didn’t know.”

Moore’s insistence that any accusations against him would lead to a court case is a bit reminiscent of Donald Trump’s similar response to the many, many, many allegations of sexual assault against him, when he vowed as a candidate: “All of these liars will be sued after the election is over.”

No such lawsuit ever materialized.

In fact, as Moore—a disgraced former judge, but a judge nonetheless—almost certainly knows, taking the Post to court would almost certainly only expose him to further legal scrutiny during the discovery phase of the suit. But, hey, donors love it when Moore acts like a big tough cowboy hat man, right?


Meanwhile, calls within the GOP for Moore to step aside, or simply not be seated if elected, grew stronger over the weekend. Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey took things a tiny step beyond last week’s embarrassing calls for Moore to step aside “if” the allegations prove “true,” telling Meet The Press host Chuck Todd: “I think the accusations have more credibility than the denial. I think it would be best if Roy would just step aside.”

At least one poll conducted after the Post’s reporting shows Moore losing to Democratic challenger Doug Jones 42-46 after previously leading the race by a double-digit margin.

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