Actually, All These Tweets Are Dumb

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Apropos of nothing except for possibly shaping up her image as an “intersectional feminist” for a 2020 presidential run, Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted on Tuesday night that “Our future is: female, intersectional, powered by our belief in one another. And we’re just getting started.”


Aaaand it’s over before it ever began. Gillibrand has been doing lots of calls for “intersectionality,” so it comes as no surprise that she’s decided to interject the term into a rallying tweet without any sort of introspective context as to what “intersectionality” is going to mean for her work. “The future is female,” while now another slogan commodified for purchase on a number of Feminist Accessories and Apparel, is also really outdated. Not to mention that the woman whose photograph popularized the phrase in recent history, photographer Liza Cowan, might be, uhhhh, exhibiting transphobia.

Now, if Gillibrand really wanted to champion a phrase that’ll pay off come 2020, might I suggest “The future is female non-binary,” promoted by truly intersectional feminist media site Wear Your Voice Magazine? (If you’re reading this, Sen. Gillibrand, that was a joke—please stop trying to adopt the language of people of color because you think it’ll rake in votes.)

But of course, the angry men of Twitter couldn’t just leave Gillibrand’s dumb tweet to be embarrassing on its own. Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio went with a fun “melting pot Americanism” response, while Large Adult Son Donald Trump Jr. championed his sons’ futures in men’s rights leadership by asking “WHAT ABOUT MEN??


Trump clearly solidifies his win for the Dumbest Quote Tweet Awards, however, because he also tried to burn Gillibrand with the phrase “you be you,” which sounds like he was trying to tweet “you do you” but turned it into a phrase that absolutely no one says.

And here are some Dumbest Quote Tweet honorable mentions:


In related news, its never too late to consider not tweeting. (If you’re reading this, Sen. Gillibrand, that goes for you, too.)

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan