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Elena Scotti/FUSION
Elena Scotti/FUSION

Playboy has announced plans to drop nudity from its glossy pages. But it’s not exactly the end of an era for the magazine’s readers in some countries outside the United States.


At least two international editions of the magazine, Playboy Mexico and Playboy Argentina, plan to continue featuring nude women in their print editions, and they aren’t making any apologies about it.

“Playboy Mexico will continue with the editorial line that characterizes us: presenting completely naked women in our pages,” Playboy Mexico’s editorial director, Alfredo Cedillo, said in a statement. “The magazine has the freedom to show the illustrations the Mexican market prefers.”


Playboy Argentina tweeted out its decision. “For now, we will continue publishing nudes.” The tweet prompted a series of, let’s say, bro responses.

Theresa Hennessey, a spokeswoman for Playboy in the United States, said the magazine's 23 international editions are published by local licensees who are free to decide whether to continue featuring nudity.

The redesign of the U.S. edition of Playboy was prompted by the magazine’s dwindling circulation and the ubiquity of porn on the internet.


But Cedillo said the decision by Playboy Mexico, which is among the top 5 best-selling editions, was based on the fact he believes it still has a significant audience interested in visuals since internet access in Mexico isn’t as widespread as in the United States or other markets.

The Mexican edition plans to differentiate itself, he said, by offering subscribers better quality, exclusive high resolution and tasteful content featuring nude celebrities such as Isabel Madow, dubbed the Mexican Marilyn Monroe.


“The brand essence will never go away,” he said.

Rafa Fernandez De Castro is a Fusion consultant for Mexico and Latin America. He covers Mexican youth, politics, culture, narcos and funny stuff once in a while.

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