Adam Scott's developing a weed comedy called 'Buds' for NBC

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The series finale of Parks & Recreation airs tomorrow night, but we can take some comfort in this, at least. Adam Scott (who plays Ben Wyatt, Mr. Leslie Knope) has teamed up with Parks & Rec writer (and occasional actor) Joe Mande to produce a sitcom about a marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colorado.

In October, TruTV ordered a documentary pilot, Medicine Man, about Colorado's largest dispensary, but this is legal pot's first foray into scripted fare. Don't forget that commercials for hard liquor were totally verboten on network TV until the early 2000s — if this show makes it to air, that'd represent a big step towards the cultural mainstreaming of marijuana.

It's unclear whether Scott himself would have an on-screen role in the project, but we'd like very much to imagine Ben smoking out of one of the Cones of Dunshire.


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