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Did you hear that Adele has a new song out? And that she also has a new album coming out? Oh, you did, because you are a human who breathes air and is alive? OK then.


Yes, everyone's favorite flip-phone-wielding witch has officially taken Earth, and possibly several other planets, solar systems and galaxies, by storm. Again. Her "Hello" video is busy breaking viewing records and the song is sitting atop the iTunes charts in approximately all of the countries in the world. Even Kate Hudson is losing her mind.

Meanwhile, Adele herself is launching what is sure to be one of the more ubiquitous press tours of the next seven to 15 months. She's already teasing her appearance on the cover of British magazine i-D, where she'll apparently be talking about motherhood and the fame game and all of that good stuff.


There's just one question: are we ready, collectively, as a species, to turn our globe over to Adele for the next year? The answer is almost certainly yes.

Watch "Hello" below—though duh, you've already seen it like 50 times.

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