Advisor For Trump-Linked Nonprofit Thinks the Nazis Were Great

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Juan Pablo Andrade, a policy advisor for America First Policies—a nonprofit tied to Donald Trump which said last year that it plans to spend $100 million on the 2018 midterms—praised the Nazis in a Snapchat video which was taken during a conference in December and obtained by Mediaite.

“The only thing the Nazis didn’t get right is they didn’t keep fucking going!” Andrade said in a Snapchat video that was taken and posted by Cæsar Svbervi, an alt-right activist. According to Mediaite, the video was taken during a conference in Florida hosted by Turning Point USA, a group of diaper enthusiasts that Andrade used to work for. In fact, Andrade has been quite the traveler in the Trump campaign world:

Andrade, aside from his work for the pro-Trump America First group, has quite the resume. Per his LinkedIn account, he worked on Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Council, Trump’s National Diversity Coalition and the Trump campaign as a surrogate. He writes for The Hill as an opinion contributor and has shared his political opinions on NewsmaxTV, CNN Latino, and Univision. Additionally, he worked for TPUSA as the group’s Florida field director in 2015 and led the group’s informal Latino caucus in 2016, according to sources with direct knowledge of his involvement in the nonprofit.

He was even featured on the 2017 30 under 30s of Newsmax and Red Alert Politics, which are power lists compiling prominent young conservatives in America. Andrade made RAP‘s list in November 2017 — one month before he was recorded praising Nazis.


The Hill told Mediaite following the publication of the story that it wasn’t going to publish Andrade anymore and was removing his pieces from the site. His contributor page is gone.

Andrade responded to the Mediaite piece on Twitter:


Svbervi, meanwhile, uploaded another video during the same summit of a car whose hood was destroyed, which he thought happened because it hit a protester. “This is the car that hit the fucking protester,” Svbervi said. “She smashed that bitch, that is awesome!” (According to a Palm Beach Post report at the time, the pedestrians hit were not involved in the protest.)

In March, America First hired Carl Higbie as its director of advocacy. Higbie is a former spokesperson for the federal agency Corporation for National and Community Service, and resigned from that position in January after CNN discovered a trove of racist, sexist, and xenophobic comments Higbie made on his radio show.


Since Higbie’s hiring, Vice President Mike Pence has attended several America First events, such as in Arizona, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Indiana. According to CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, Pence has done twenty events with the group.

We’ve reached out to America First and Pence’s office for comment, and will update with any response we receive.